The Shortest Way Home:
a contemplative path to God

Wesley Lachman

Many spend a lifetime searching for God, without guessing that they are living in God and as God the whole time. The Shortest Way Home lays out the contemplative path, a way to discover who and where you are. It invites you to examine your own experience, here and now, and find God. This book has enjoyed endorsements from Franciscan Richard Rohr and Dr. Marcus Borg, author of Meeting Jesus Again For The First Time.
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Peculiar Stories
Fiction (ages 6-10 and up)
Mora Fields

It’s never too soon to question who we think we are and what we think we know. These entertaining stories invite inquiry into the nature of self, thought, meditation, and awareness. The stories are accessible to those of any, or no, religious tradition, in the spirit of teachings from modern mystics like Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and Joel Morwood. Adults enjoy them too!
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O Street Publishing: A street is a road is a path. O Street Publishing follows an old saying in contemplative spirituality: the path is simple, but not easy. Practices of contemplation, meditation, inner silence and stillness are very simple, but can take a lifetime to master. We publish simple spiritual books for adults and children so that they can see the uncomplicated truth of the path and thus be drawn toward spiritual practice. O Street emphasizes selflessness, awareness, and poverty as pointers to the interior journey of spirituality.